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How to Grow Kohlrabi Microgreens: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Didn’t you notice the rise of the popularity of microgreens? I am sure you noticed that. They infuse your meal with a distinctive taste. And it is more prevalent among health-aware people. Microgreens are like cherry on top for them. Also, it makes tasteless food tastier.

Kohlrabi microgreens stand out as some of the most tastefully rich microgreens available. It adds a sweet and crunchy taste to any dish. It can be enjoyed as a side, paired with sandwiches, or blended into smoothies. Furthermore, they contain high amounts of antioxidants and nutrients.

I am also a Kohlrabi microgreen grower. Even though I wouldn’t say I liked the taste at first, now it is one of my favorites. In this growing guide, I will tell you how to grow Kohlrabi microgreens from scratch, its benefits, varieties, and nutrients.

Kohlrabi Microgreens’ Varieties

Since Kohlrabi is not a popular vegetable, you must learn more about it. It has a lot of variants, and they also taste good. Along with that, all the variants are rich in nutrients, too. Some of the variants are:

  • Purple Vienna Kohlrabi Microgreens: The most common variety of Kohlrabi is Purple Vienna Kohlrabi Microgreens. It has purple stems and green leaves with a mild, sweet flavor.
  • White Vienna Kohlrabi Microgreens: The most common variety among Asians. It has almost a similar flavor to broccoli. Also, it features white stems complemented by green foliage.
  • Early White Vienna Kohlrabi Microgreens: It is a mix of them. Yet, it is sweet and has white stems with green leaves.

Benefits Of Kohlrabi Microgreens

Like wild cabbage, Kohlrabi has many benefits. Likewise, Kohlrabi microgreens also have the same benefit of being too dense. Therefore, Kohlrabi microgreens have endless benefits. Some of the benefits are:

  • High in nutrients: Kohlrabi microgreens are an excellent source of nutrients. It carries lots of vitamins and other nutritional elements.
  • Boost immunity: As I said, Kohlrabi microgreens are a great source of vitamins. The vitamins boost your immunity and make your body more potent than before.
  • Glossy skin: Kohlrabi microgreens have vitamins and minerals. So, in the end, it makes your bones and teeth strong and skin more glossy.
  • Protects from heart diseases: Kohlrabi microgreen has carbohydrates and minerals. It lessens the cholesterol in the blood. Consequently, it lowers the risk of developing heart disease.
  • Aid in digestion: Another benefit of Kohlrabi microgreens is they help your digestive system. It contains fiber that reduces constipation and other digestive problems.
  • Helps to lose weight: Kohlrabi microgreens are a good diet supplement. It has many nutrients that help fill your stomach and keep you stronger. In this way, the seedlings make your weight loss journey easier.

Kohlrabi Microgreens Nutrients

Kohlrabi microgreens are not only good for health but also nutritious. It boosts your energy and immunity. Moreover, it protects your body from diseases like cancer and heart disease. Furthermore, it makes your skin glossy and your bones stronger.

However, Kohlrabi microgreens hold vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fiber. Precisely, Kohlrabi microgreens contain vitamin A, C, and B complexes. It also has calcium, iron, potassium, copper, and zinc.

Two Methods Of Growing Microgreens

As aforesaid, growing microgreens is hassle-free. If you are a new grower, you will not face any trouble. Amazingly, it takes only 7 to 10 days to grow. Although abundant methods exist to grow microgreens, two are the most popular. The two are soil-based and paper towel methods.

Soil-Based Method

A soil-based method is a straightforward process. In this process, you need a pot with soil. Make sure that the pot has a sound drainage system. If the pot has enough holes for proper draining, put the soil on it. Now, the pot is ready to sow seeds. Also, soak the seeds for 6 to 10 hours before planting them. After sowing seeds, place the pot in proper sunlight and water them regularly.

Paper Towel Method

Surprisingly, the paper tower is a no soil-based method. In this method, the plants thrive in an environment devoid of soil. Therefore, you need a tray and some paper towels. Now, adequately cover the tray with paper towels. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the tray effectively drains water. Besides, put an extra tray under the paper-covered tray without holes.

Furthermore, spread soak seeds on the upper tray and cover them with another towel. Also, to keep the seeds moist, spray water regularly. Finally, set the tray in a warm place; the roots will grow after some days.

Materials Needed For The Process

Kohlrabi microgreens are straightforward to grow and do not require many materials. You can produce them in your home with what you have right now. Moreover, they do not need any special care to grow well. The material you will need to grow Kohlrabi microgreens are:


The first thing you need to grow any microgreen is seeds. Yet the seed must be high in quality and fresh. It must not have any spoiled or rotten ones. And before you sow the seeds, you need to soak them first.

Growing medium

Growing medium makes the difference between growing methods. Using a soil-based method, you will need soil as a growing medium. And since we are using hydroponics methods, we will use coco coir or peat moss as a growing medium.


As the growing container, I prefer medium-sized trays. It helps to spread the microgreens and have a good harvest. Additionally, trays keep the soil moist and roots fresh.


Microgreens grow well in bright but soft light. Kohlrabi microgreens are no different. You need to provide the perfect light to your microgreens.


Since we are using a hydroponics method, the water must be perfect. You must keep the soil moist. For this reason, you need to water the seed twice a day while germinating and once a day while growing.

Harvesting tool

The harvesting tool must be sharp and keen. You can opt for a sharp knife or scissors to gather your Kohlrabi microgreens.

How To Grow Kohlrabi Microgreens?

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Kohlrabi, recognized as a biennial veggie, is also referred to as wild cabbage. Even though it is not that popular for its taste, Kohlrabi microgreen is everyone’s favorite. Since it is healthy, health-loving people grow microgreens in their homes.

Besides, I also have them growing up in my home. And I prefer the water-based method to grow them in my house. I follow these steps to grow Kohlrabi microgreens at home.


Kohlrabi microgreens are very easy to grow. They thrive without requiring any specific care. However, I started preparing to grow microgreens by soaking the seeds. In my opinion, it helps to germinate the seeds more quickly. So, I soak the Kohlrabi seeds for 6-12 hours.

Growing Medium

After that, I chose the growing medium. Microgreens can be cultivated in a variety of growing mediums. It grows well if you take good care of it. Soil, coco coir, or peat moss can serve as your choice of medium. Since I prefer a water-based method, I use coco coir as a growing medium. Additionally, you can use hemp mats.

Preparing the pot

Afterward, I start to prepare the pot or tray. It takes three trays or pots to grow microgreens with a water-based method. I take two trays with no holes and one with suitable drainage holes. Then, I placed a thin layer of growing medium with holes on the tray and put a tray with no holes under it.


Before seeding, I put out the seeds and shake off the extra water. Then, spread the seeds uniformly on the top of the growing medium. Later, I place another medium layer and fully cover the seeds.


After covering the seeds, I use water spray. I water them at a medium pace. It helps to dig the seeds deeper. I hydrate them twice daily for the initial 2-3 days, followed by once daily.


After seeding and watering, cover the medium with the leftover tray. It helps to germinate the seeds quickly. Again, I put a heavy weight on the top of the tray. The seeds take 2-3 days to germinate and grow sprouts.


When the seeds germinate, I remove the top tray of the seedlings. Also, I replaced the tray in a bright light area. It helps to grow the seedling evenly and healthy. And the sprouts turn into the perfect microgreens in 7-14 days.


You must meet your light needs to grow perfect, delicious, and healthy microgreens. Microgreens grow well under bright but soft light. Sometimes, I also put the sprouts under the artificial lights.


Kohlrabi microgreens are simple to grow and delicious to eat. And if you meet the needs, it grows well. You can harvest the microgreens when they grow up to 1.5 or 3 inches tall. But I prefer to harvest them in 7-14 days.

How to Preserve

The growing perseverance of Kohlrabi microgreens is also easy. When harvesting, you must be careful not to cut too low. Also, you must avoid soil on the seedlings. After harvesting, wash them thoroughly and shake off the extra water. Next, place them inside a plastic bag and keep them in the fridge.

Kohlrabi Microgreens Recipes

Kohlrabi is a root vegetable that has a sweet broccoli flavor. Despite the taste not appealing to everyone, it boasts nutritional value. Again, it is known as wild cabbage. But the Kohlrabi microgreens are amazing. They have a sweet and crunchy broccoli flavor like the Kohlrabi. Therefore, there are many recipes for health-conscious people with Kohlrabi microgreens.

  • Kohlrabi and apple salad: Apple salad is one of the best diet foods for health-aware people. It can be enjoyed as a snack or served alongside the main meal. It offers ample nutrition and boosts energy levels. You can make it with apples, grapes, cheese, and olive oil. It is tasty and nutritious. And if you add Kohlrabi microgreens, it makes Kohlrabi and apple salad.
  • Egg muffins with Kohlrabi microgreens: You need some fresh Kohlrabi microgreens to make the most delicious egg muffin. Firstly, you need egg, cheese, tomatoes, salt, pepper and microgreens. Mix them and put them in a cupcake mold. Cook them using an oven or air fryer. And your Egg muffins topped with Kohlrabi microgreens are ready to be enjoyed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to do with kohlrabi microgreens?

Kohlrabi microgreens are one of the best food supplements. It can serve as either a side or the main course. Also, you can decorate any dish elegantly with the microgreens. Moreover, it makes the taste better. Again, you can add Kohlrabi microgreens to the smoothie and juice to refresh it.

What are the benefits of kohlrabi microgreen?

Every microgreens have endless benefits. Likewise, Kohlrabi microgreens have many benefits as well. The Microgreens are rich in nutrients, boosting your energy and strengthening your bones. Again, Kohlrabi microgreens contain a lot of vitamins and minerals.

What is the flavor profile of kohlrabi microgreens?

Kohlrabi microgreens taste a bit like cabbage. Precisely, Kohlrabi tastes like sweet turnips or broccoli. Moreover, it makes your food look more excellent and mouth-watering. Again, it gives a slight peppery after tasting. You can taste it raw, but if you want, you can cook it too.

Does cooking microgreens destroy nutrients?

No, if you cook microgreens, the nutrients will not be destroyed. Microgreens taste better raw. After harvesting, you can eat them after a firm wash. But if you want to cook it, you can do that too. You can cook them for 10-15 minutes, but not more than that. If you cook for more than 15 minutes in high heat, microgreens can lose up to 50% of their nutrients.

Is it safe to consume microgreens daily?

Of course. It would be better if you eat microgreens daily. Microgreens are packed with essential nutrients and contain a high level of antioxidants. Therefore, it is a good dish for your daily food. Also, you can include the microgreens in your healthy diet. It will boost your energy levels and enhance your well-being.

Sum Up

For the most part, Kohlrabi microgreens are one of the best-tasting microgreens. It adds a sweet and mild taste to the dish. Again, the microgreens have a beautiful appearance. For this reason, it makes the food look more elegant.

Coupled with that, I hesitated at the beginning of growing Kohlrabi microgreens. But the taste and appearance made me satisfied. While increasing these microgreens, you need to focus on seeds, lighting, and watering.

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